Hi. I'm Simon. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald's quest to trade up to a house with only one red paperclip as a start, I thought I'd try a similar project/adventure with a slight twist... Everything has to be in two's or an item that technically comes in pairs! Here goes...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We were here, where the heck have you been dude?

I DO apologize. I've had a few things to deal with (some mentioned on this site, some not) recently, but I haven't given up on the project. So, here's an update. One rather important one is that I have a friend working on altering the template of the site so that I can display trade offers (and maybe eventually... actual trades!) rather than they get lost within posts or comments on posts. This I see as pretty important, as well as visually pleasing. Next, although I have allowed some time to pass I'd love for the people who have made trade offers for the Two Red Paperclips to get back to me letting me know if the offers still stand. The fact that you made the trade offers means the world to me, thanks guys. In other news today, I have had a message from Cristina in Barcelona who wants to make a trade offer if I can get my sorry butt across the water to trade face to face. I have replied in the previous post's comments to see what I can hope for if I can get there, and feel that it would be a cool first trade! I however realise a few downfalls in the project so far which I need to address.

One is that I am flat skint and don't have the money to travel for trades at this time. I am not a beggar, nor a publicity-seeker... just a guy who saw another guy do something cool and wanted to have a go at having a bit of fun like he did. To this purpose I am offering for nothing more than a bit of travel to complete a trade or two. I don't want any cash. I don't have a PayPal link. All I am thinking at this time is that postal trades would be boring and bring no photo opportunities to the project, so face to face trades would be the best. If you are in the travel game and can get me (and maybe the other half too) to a trade or two I will offer you all that I can in return which is links and mentions on this site... whether that benefits you is down to me and how this all goes so I guess it would require a tiny bit of a gamble, but life is too short not to have some fun surely?

Second is my lack of a definite end goal. As I stated from the off, I already have a house so I don't want one of those. Ferrari's are cool but the insurance would be too pricey! So, I think I have cracked it... I really want a boat. I live by the sea and love boats, however I don't get the chance to get afloat very often but when I do I grin like a Cheshire cat so that has decided me on the final goal. Now, I can hear what you are thinking. That isn't two of something or a pair of something, so I have thought that I will work within my own trading rules by naming the boat "Two Red Paperclips", so it will be a Two! However all trades up until that point must be twos... I made my bed and I'm going to lie in it! I don't have a make or model in mind, just something decent with a fair sized lump hanging off the back end of it that I can fish off (I love fishing) and maybe take family and friends out on during the short summer season we have here in the UK.

** Congrats to Kyle on completing his trading up project and finally achieving a house! You have worked hard for it and totally deserve it. I can only hope to achieve a percentage of your success and the fun you have had along the way. **

Comments and suggestions are welcomed as usual, please tap that keyboard! Trade offers are always particularly welcome (the sillier the better to fuel interest!) as that's what this whole thing is about.

It's 2am here now and I have run out of things to say, but hopefully after one of my recently usual long breaks between posts I have said a fair bit. Thanks to all the people who have been any way involved so far... it is really appreciated! :-)



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