Hi. I'm Simon. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald's quest to trade up to a house with only one red paperclip as a start, I thought I'd try a similar project/adventure with a slight twist... Everything has to be in two's or an item that technically comes in pairs! Here goes...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Quiet week for updating... and a third "renter"

Loads been going on the last week or so, hence no posting. However, it has been interesting to watch for trade offers without banging posts in every day for the sake of updating and maybe clouding up the site. *shrug*

And, in other news... I have a new tenant! Check out Confessions of an IT Hitman and let him know who sent you! :-)



Blogger One Green-Paper Flip said...

Hey dude. I like that you changed Kyle's idea so you didn't completely steal his idea. I also changed his idea to come up with something new. Check it out...


We should link to each other!


7:31 AM

Blogger Simon said...

Hi Geoff,
thanks for the nice comment. I took a look at your site and whereas mine has a slight twist yours has even more of a twist. Like your concept, will get around to exchanging links wiht you later :-)

10:29 AM


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