Hi. I'm Simon. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald's quest to trade up to a house with only one red paperclip as a start, I thought I'd try a similar project/adventure with a slight twist... Everything has to be in two's or an item that technically comes in pairs! Here goes...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

First trade offer received!

After only 3 days of the site being live, I have received my first trade offer. Awaiting more details by email but all I know for the moment is it's two (a pair of!) tickets to a "battle of the bands" final where the winners will be the opening act at a gig that seems to have some top notch bands on the bill. To see the line-up for that gig go to GosforthGathering
On the downside the final that the tickets are for is a little over two weeks away and I'm concerned I may not offload *COUGH* I mean trade these off to the next item before the date of the gig. If you're in Newcastle or can get there and want a pair of tickets to this final then post a comment with your trade offer for these tickets bearing in mind I have to trade for two of the same item or something that comes in pairs ... a pair of jeans etc.

And, in other news today ... I came across a cool site that combines "people power" AND beer. Some dude down under got bet 20 cases of beer that he couldn't make a site that would get One Billion Views. My natural love of beer and the internet tells me this is the kind of project I should support so please follow my lead and click this link to help him get closer to his One Billion Views ... OneBillionViews.com

Oh yeah I borrowed a lead and the crappy result is that I photo'd the Two Red Paperclips. Will work out how to upload the piccy either tonight or tomorrow. Like you don't know what two red paperclips look like... Oh yeah, I thought in case this actually defies logic and takes off I'd do a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity for the paperclips. Maybe buy a frame and mount them into it. Comments PLEASE !!!


**Update ... uploading the piccy is easier than I thought (lol) so here it is ... I'm no David Bailey as you can tell!! The (soon to be) famous Two Red Paperclips can be seen in the next post (above) :-D


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