Hi. I'm Simon. Inspired by Kyle MacDonald's quest to trade up to a house with only one red paperclip as a start, I thought I'd try a similar project/adventure with a slight twist... Everything has to be in two's or an item that technically comes in pairs! Here goes...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First post ... getting the ball rolling!

I could well be on a hiding to nothing with this, but it could also be fun. I need to do several things now ... a lot of thinking about the logistics of carrying out the actual trades, a target (I already have a house, so maybe a Ferrari or something instead... any suggestions?), oh yeah I had better nip out and buy me two actual red paperclips!!

I will have to get the hang of Blogger too, and find the lead to connect my digital camera to the PC so I can immortalise the 'clips !

I don't know if the "two of each item or items that come in pairs" concept will corner me and exclude many people who want to trade either, it was just a twist on the original idea. Any suggestions, comments or thought on this let me know :-)



Blogger Mark Base said...

But you've got to have a goal, and it's gotta be a pair of something.

Like two pints of lager and a pair of crisps.

No, wait, that's no good... erm...

Oh bugger it, you think of something.

7:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't want to be rude. That honestly isn't my intent. But what you are doing is copying the genius of another person and hoping it goes off gangbusters.

I hope it doesn't. Copycats depress and annoy me...and I don't think they deserve to succeed on someone else's ideas.

4:29 PM

Blogger Simon said...

Hello, "anonymous"! Welcome.

Unfortunately, what I am doing is not copying the genius of another person... there are two resons for this.

1. Kyle MacDonald has stated that the paperclip (or similar item) trading-up game wasn't something he invented, however he was the one who decided to go big and do it on the internet.

2. Kyle also states, on his website and in interviews, when asked what he thinks about "copycat sites" opening up that he doesn't regard them as copycats rather he encourages people to go for it. This might explain the email reply I received from him PLUS the fact that he has a page on One Red Paperclip purely for links to other trading-up projects, and has kindly included a link to mine on it!

I hope this relieves your depression and annoyance, and clears up any confusion.

Good health to you,
Simon. :-)

5:40 AM

Blogger Simon said...

Oh yeah, seem to have overlooked replying to "mark base"...

I think one or two things may be holding me back, and you're right that a lack of a stated target is probably one of them!

Maybe two pints of lager and TWO packets of crisps ;-) although I think I need something rather big so that this journey lasts a while and not get completed way too soon. As stated, I already have a house and I think a pair of houses may be stretching it a bit!

If anyone has cool or original ideas for a pair of targets, leave them somewhere in my comments :-)


5:45 AM


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